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pandapt News


New member
Feb 10, 2022
A few interim measures for candidate/candidate release and seeding/release; instructions for the seeding activities of spare tires and beggar gang officials.
The site has updated the candidate seeding mechanism: because a small number of people did not seed in time, the audit workload was heavy, and the seeding was not done after the audit passed, resulting in too many phenomena that the seeding was cut off immediately after the audit was passed, or the candidates were simply released regardless of the three seven twenty-one , the review comments are not read. Temporarily implement the rule of automatically deleting candidates without seeding for 4-5 hours!

in addition. The suppression group Beitai of the spare tire; the suppression group DGB/streaming media group GBWEB of the beggar gang are all transformation activities, and everyone actively participates in them. At that time, the spare tire and beggars will be rewarded separately, and the reward plan is the same as the spare tire announcement. Click the button below to view the details:
◎Title of the event: Pay tribute to the seniors, forward the spare tire/official seed of the beggar gang
The purpose of the activity: to preserve and continue the excellent official species of the spare tire/beggar gang, to carry forward the dedication of Pt, and to pay tribute to the predecessors!

Activity time:
June 25, 2023 to July 31, 2023

Activity content:
Forward all official seeds of the spare tire/Gai Gang, for example: Deep Sea 2023 BluRay 1080p TrueHD Atmos 7 1 x265.10bit-BeiTai. PS: It must be the official suffixes of "-BeiTai", "-DGB", and "-GBWEB". The production team chooses beitai, DGB, and GBWEB.
In order to make it easier for everyone to replant, we have released a replanting plug-in that includes the panda station. You are welcome to download and use it. https://pandapt.net/forums.php?action=viewtopic&forumid=8&topicid=14

Event prizes:
1. 1 first prize, 12-month VIP, 10 temporary invitations.
2. 3 second prizes, 6-month VIP, 7 temporary invitations.
3. 10 third prizes, 3 months VIP, 5 temporary invitations.
4. 30 people for the fourth prize, VIP for 3 months, and 3 temporary invitations.
5. Participation award (the number of approved 10 is counted) 1 monthly temporary medicine for VIP.
All temporary invitations have a time limit of 1 month (or redeem invitations according to each temporary medicine = 40000 mana). Receiving the Remark Magic Reward or Temporary Invitation Reward.

Each award is based on the number of spare tires/beggars' official seeds that have passed the audit (the number of live seeds at the end of the event), ranked by the number of reposted spare tires/beggars' official seeds, and awarded in turn.

The full version of Mediainfo is not to embarrass everyone. Some seeds may have errors in their file names. We are strict with the requirements of mediainfo in order to classify the seeds. The correct expression of unofficial main title information will not be difficult for the order. Make a unified explanation.
For music (MP3, MV, concert), books, audiobooks, video tutorials, etc., please complete the poster. Chinese titles are available. It is best to have media info information, this is not mandatory. The correct classification of basic information will not be strictly required.
In addition, I would like to remind everyone that badges can be reclaimed in the activity area. Those who have not received badges at the station at 0:00:00 on June 23, 2023 can go to the post to apply! ! !