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AnimeNoSekai News : monthly donation target


Active member
Oct 9, 2023
There is one week left until the end of the month and there are still just over 200 reais left towards the monthly donation target, so let's reiterate the importance of contributing. Last month we didn't even have enough donations.

We accept donations on Pix, with the random key xxxxx or using the QRCode present on the tracker and packs home page. You can donate any amount, but only amounts above 10 reais will give you VIP benefits on the tracker. Values above 55 reais give you permanent VIP, allowing you to download all the tracker's content without having to maintain ratio.

Details about the donation system are (Links : see on site) If you have any questions about how donations work, just ask on the tracker forum. Donate, contribute and help Anime no Sekai maintain its structure that has lasted for more than 20 years.