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Open: theLDU.net


New member
Mar 19, 2024
Tracker's Name:TheLDU.net
Sign-up Link:
Closing date:March 31
Additional information:The LDU features eternal torrents - torrents that will automatically revive even if they have 0 seeders. The site now also features global refunds, meaning all torrents refund their download amount after seeding for a certain amount of time, effectively making them freeleech.
Tracker: Theldu (The Last Digital Underground) - UNIT3D based

Open signups open through May 22

Quick Summary:

-Open signups are becoming increasingly rare. Grab an account while you can.
-Obscure content right from preservation archives.
-Community-driven tracker
-All Legal speech is allowed.
-Duplicates are rare, even though they are allowed
-Experimental Game theory tactics to incentivize seeding.
-Eternal Torrents!?!????
-Reading the Rules and FAQ in full leads to great rewards
-All Torrent Languages allowed (with Proper labeling)
-English Chat but multilingual Forum.
-Active Since: January 1st, 2024
-Total Torrents: 10597 - Active torrents: 10174
-Total Users: 4202 - Active Users: 3769
-Seeders: 14746
-Leechers: 44
-Peers: 14790

Prowlarr: Supported (officially)
L4G & GGBOT: Supported (unofficially)