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  1. FlyFlutter

    FearNoPeer News : 48 Hours Left: Support FNP and Updated Rules

    Dear Members, There are only 48 hours left on our special donation offer. If you are able and willing to support FNP going forward, please consider making a donation. You can find more information on our donation page. Your support is vital for our survival, as well as for covering maintenance...
  2. FlyFlutter

    ArabP2P News : Turkish series and films magazine

    May God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. (Turkish Series and Movies Magazine) has been added to the following link: See on site Administration,
  3. FlyFlutter

    Kufirc News : Free registration

    We have opened free registration for up to +500 users
  4. FlyFlutter

    DocsPedia News : New DocsPedia version

    Dear tech lovers, New version released today. Here are some info about this release: - Fixed comments in requests section. - Added option to select filetype in upload. - Search improvements. Info here about it. (Link : See on site) - Added last forum posts on main page.
  5. FlyFlutter

    Plusteca News : Help

    We ask for everyone's collaboration to help us keep the Tracker active and running. Since its opening, I have been paying for everything as a Server and Seedbox to bring quality content to everyone. I know we are still at the beginning, but with the help and collaboration of others we can enrich...
  6. FlyFlutter

    OnlyEncodes News : OnlyImage has arrived! Small update/sneak peak.

    Introducing OnlyImage, our Image hosting service is now open for everyone. Sign up today for free and upload images up to 15MB in size. We have been testing for the last few months with several of our Internal Uploaders and a few other select users. Want to learn more please see our wiki about...
  7. FlyFlutter

    HomePornTorrents News : HomePornTorrents Rebooted

    HPT has bounced back in style. Thanks to our fave Admin @Ba*****, he has pulled the band back together and as you can see, we are also running on much better software. Enjoy the new improved site pervs.
  8. FlyFlutter

    AsianCinema News : Domain Change Coming Soon

    Dear User, We are excited to inform you that our site domain will be changing on July 1, 2024. To ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted access to our services, please follow the instructions provided in the linked article to update your torrents. Link : See on site Thank you for your...
  9. FlyFlutter

    HomePornTorrents News : Server Error: Hardware Failure

    We have experienced a hardware failure resulting in extended downtime whilst our SysOp was busy with life. It might be several days before we are back online.
  10. FlyFlutter

    AnimeNoSekai News : monthly donation target

    There is one week left until the end of the month and there are still just over 200 reais left towards the monthly donation target, so let's reiterate the importance of contributing. Last month we didn't even have enough donations. We accept donations on Pix, with the random key xxxxx or using...
  11. FlyFlutter

    Lesbians4U News : Server software end of life

    Goodday to all you pervs on the site. Today i got the notice that the linux software we are running, must be update to a new system. we have no other choice then to comply to this request, but i'm unsure if i get everything that is running now also can run on a new sytem. since the tracker...
  12. FlyFlutter

    1PTBA News : Repair website email system

    Repair the website email system. In addition, @sohu.com Sohu mailbox naturally blocks the Google Gmail email account, and you may not receive website emails.
  13. FlyFlutter

    ShareIsland News : Moderators and developers wanted: ShareIsland is looking for heroes!

    Hey you, what are you reading? Yes, that's you! Do you have what it takes to become a hero? If you are a coding enthusiast or a born moderator, then this is your chance! We are looking for: Moderators Investigators expert in solving mysteries and answering the most disparate questions...
  14. FlyFlutter

    CapybaraBR News : Welcome to CapybaraBR

    Hello capivarias, we hope you like the tracker. We are open to any and all suggestions you have. Our guidelines: Read the rules If you have any questions, read our wiki Difficulties with something specific, open a ticket Link to our group on Telegram: Link (See on site)
  15. FlyFlutter

    M-Team News : Cover image for torrent list

    Some users reported that the seed list speed is too slow. After investigation, most of the reasons are due to pre-fetching images. Of course, there are other reasons. The default switch is off during adjustment . Please switch it on yourself if necessary. For details, please see...
  16. FlyFlutter

    M-Team News : E-book classification publishing adjustment

    E-books will be published in other categories in the future. Other resources that are not classified on the website will also be published in other categories.
  17. FlyFlutter

    TheLDU News : New changes to Bon.

    New Changed to BON. dying Bon now requires 2 people... and thus easier to get. just look for one with 1 seeder and join the fun
  18. FlyFlutter

    KrazyZone News : Site Maintenance

    hello just a message to say please first do not panic about any error message you recive while trying to acsess the site. its just waiting for the ssl to be sorted (renewed) please keep all torrents seeding in your clients as once site is sorted they will once again turn green 🆗 we are working...
  19. FlyFlutter

    TLZ News : Migrate to Unit3D

    has anyone used a unit3d site ??? we just making the switch we are moving to new finale server this week all bot test are done we have successfully migrated old DB and stats (with PW reset) new domain for alpha , this has been in staff testing for almost 2 months but its happening soon ...
  20. FlyFlutter

    EStone News : quiz on chat

    Dear Users! There will be a quiz on the message board on April 11th (Thursday) at 18:00! We look forward to welcoming you all!:love: