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The Shuroo Process (2021)


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Nov 15, 2021
Title: The Shuroo Process (2021)

Tagline: Namaste motherfu*kers.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Emrhys Cooper

Cast: Fiona Dourif, Donal Brophy, Tommy Dorfman, Emrhys Cooper, Rainey Qualley, Olivia Sui, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Jeff Hephner, Cornelia Guest, Taylor Bagley, Rachel McDowall, Brad Dourif, Blake Berris, Iman Le Claire, Lynn Mancinelli, Jeff Burnett, Samantha Robinson, Eric Roberts

Release: 2021-11-24

Runtime: 134

Plot: A young New York City journalist, frustrated with the pressures of a failing publishing world and a less-than-promising romantic life, is sent on a journey of self-improvement with catastrophic consequences.